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Q Portal integrates with Quantum Payroll, enabling employees to access payslips on any web enabled device, anywhere.

Quantum Payroll Portal (Q Portal) fully integrates with Quantum Software allowing employees to access their payslips via the web via desktop or on smart devices. The Q Portal (Bureau) allows employees instant access 24/7 to view and download their payslips which are uploaded on a per period basis.

Employees can access all payslips in PDF format.  Employees can print or save their payslips for their own records.  This is cost effective & saves time as the payroll administrator no longer is required to email out or print employee payslips.  By reducing the time spent on manual processes you can focus your time on more important matters.

Q Portal Benefits include:

Web Enabled Access

Q Portal integrates with our Quantum Payroll solution seamlessly allowing your employees to access their own payslips, anytime and from any web enabled device reducing admin time.

Always Available

Q Portal is always available via secure password protected web access so that employees can view and download their payslips. Payslips are uploaded on a ‘per period’ basis.

Download Payslip

Within Q Portal, employees can access all payslips in PDF format. It will then be possible for employees to print or save their payslips for their own future records. Enabling employees to do this is cost and time effective as the payroll administrator no longer is required to email or print employee payslips. You can focus your time on more important matters. 


Payslips contain personal and private information for every employee. It is extremely important that this information is kept private and doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Q Portal ensures that your employees’ information is always safe and within a secure environment.

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