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We manage your Payroll Services while you concentrate on growing your business.

Our Payroll Bureau service will help you reduce the pressure on your admin team by offering a fully managed payroll solution. Payroll is central to all UK businesses and our managed payroll service helps your organisation remain compliant with revenue, pay your staff on time and accurately.

Many companies are increasingly finding the processing of payroll to be a more complicated function, with ever changing legislation and more emphasis by HMRC put on the employer to capture more taxable items through the payroll system.

Snow Technology offer a payroll Bureau service using our software to facilitate client payroll allowing you to focus on managing and growing your business.


How Outsourcing Payroll can help your organisation:

Cost Effective

Outsourcing the monthly payroll processing often saves you a full headcount. This resource can then help you in sales, customer services, or you can simply enjoy cost savings. In fact, cost saving is a by-product of payroll outsourcing. Most companies outsource their payroll because of the hassle it proves to be, not realizing that by outsourcing, they are actually going to save costs in the long term.

Improve Payroll Accuracy

It is important that your employees are paid accurately and on time. It is an important responsibility for any business, to keep employees happy within their jobs. Our Payroll Specialists make sure they maintain accurate payroll processes.

Manage Risk and Compliance

Remaining payroll compliant is an important factor for every business. With our payroll specialists you can be assured that all risk is managed to the highest level, always staying compliant and avoiding penalties. We operate our bureau from a hosted & managed ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant service environment.

No Payroll Software Costs

With our managed payroll solution there is no need for you to purchase payroll software. You don’t have to worry about searching for software that will work in your business. Our payroll specialists use our own software, Quantum Enterprise Payroll for all our bureau clients.

Don’t stress over the processes involved in running payroll. With our managed payroll bureau, we look after everything giving you time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Professional Payroll Processing Services

Snow Technology provides basic to complex payroll administration for businesses. We maintain individual payroll files for each employee and compute all the salary and reimbursements on time. Printed or electronic payslips are delivered to each employee, and annual bonus, increments etc. are processed with ease.

On top of this, the annual income statements required for tax purposes are generated for each employee professionally, timely and with full confidentiality. Such enhanced services ensure that HR professionals can focus on real HR work like staff training & development or compensation planning.

Complex Rules and Calculations

With so many rules, by-laws, provident fund percentages for different age groups, employee benefit programs, employees joining & leaving and taxes to consider, it is becoming extremely challenging to process the exact salary and reimbursements of each employee. You must also be able to answer your employee’s queries about their payroll confidently and clearly.

Even if you can do all this by yourself, how can you be sure that everything has been taken care of? How will you verify the accuracy of your calculations? Do you have a safe and secure mechanism to do a proper audit of your payroll processing?

Skilled Payroll Professionals

Our Bureau Operatives are specialists in all aspects of payroll processes. Each member of the bureau team has all the essential experience and information needed to work in a payroll environment. Your payroll is always managed by a qualified professional.

Payroll outsourcing can save you from all the challenges of changing rules, doing individual payroll calculations and having to answer your employee’s every day questions about their payroll. You get comprehensive reports, direct access to payroll experts, and save time and money in the process. It also results in having a greater peace of mind, and more time to focus on the business.

Such wide array of benefits has convinced thousands of companies to switch to an outsourced payroll solution with Snow Technology.

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At Snow Technology, all customers are offered a full payroll management service tailored to requirements. Our Bureau team will manage your organisations payroll operations from start to finish.
We manage your entire payroll requirements from payroll processing to tax submissions to revenue & sending payslips.
Saving time and reducing costs are to major factors when deciding to outsource your payroll to Snow. Payroll is processed during annual leave, illness and maternity leave reducing the need for internal cover.
This is a decision that your organisation can make at any time of the year. If you find that payroll processing is taking up too much of your time and keeping you from carrying out other important tasks, then payroll outsourcing can be the best decision your business will make.
In order for Snow to initiate the process, the client supplies the bureau team with the payroll set up information. The new payroll will then be built and paralleled against their old payroll. Once approved, variable changes can be sent by client per period and in return, the reports can to sent to the client.
The size of your payroll requirements, the number of transactions e.g. weekly /monthly & any additional services e.g. Banking /Revenue will determine the pricing of the payroll service.
A managed Payroll Service is when a client submits their payroll information and our bureau team then process it, deliver back the reports and address any queries.


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