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Managed Payroll For Retail

Our managed payroll service takes the stress out of paydays – it’s an ideal solution for retail firms large and small, meaning that retailers can concentrate on what matters most.

Managed Payroll Software for the Retail Sector

Our managed payroll software is designed to meet the specific needs of British retailers which often have a higher number of employees on their books than firms with comparable levels of turnover.

Managed Payroll Features

Payday Flexibility

Retail often has weekly paid staff on the shop floor while managers and executives will frequently receive salaried pay. Snow Technology provides all the versatility you need with payday frequencies and for example can manage temporary workers paid weekly or fortnightly. Four-weekly, monthly and even quarterly pay schedules can be chosen interchangeably. 

Cost Control

Job costing analysis and cost control coding is built into the way managed payroll software works. This is ideal for retailers who might want to measure their workforce costs by store. It also means you can keep track of human resource costs according to different roles, such as warehouse distribution staff compared to store workers, for example. Employees can be accounted for within more than one cost coding with our managed payroll solution.

Payslip Accessibility

Reproducing payslips and other types of paperwork associated with employment can be a strain on resources within the retail sector. However, with managed payroll from Snow Technology, shop workers will be able to access a digital version of their historic payslips on demand. All they will need to do is to log in and download or print their old documents so you or your HR team don’t have to do this on their behalf. 


British retailers operate in a competitive marketplace regardless of whether they deal with fashion, groceries, luxury goods or household appliances. As such, managers need to be able to access the data surrounding their payroll functionality in accessible ways. Snow Technology does this by providing a range of reporting options that can integrate seamlessly with other systems, such as MS Excel, for example.


Providing retail workers with pay details is important. Snow Technology allows you to print payslips in a variety of ways to meet any of your current printing technology including the production of dual copy payslips. It is also perfectly possible to use the system with electronic copies of payslips to cut down on the use of paper.


Managing security is a key element of our managed payroll solution. With our secure systems in place, all your important confidential data surrounding payroll will be held privately. Only authorised personnel in your organisation, such as your accountant or finance director, will be able to view sensitive financial data. The secure log in process will mean shop workers will only be able to view data that relates directly to them.

Timesheet Management

Many retailers use timesheets to manage both the basic shift patterns of their employees as well as any overtime they might complete. Quantum offers a great deal of functionality with timesheet management, ideal for both normal and seasonal shop work. Time and attendance systems integrate with the payroll service for a highly accurate method of pay. 

Tax Deductions

All the deductions that are needed for pay in the UK today will be handled by Snow Technology. This includes PAYE taxation and National Insurance Contributions. All relevant deductions will be displayed on employees’ payslips. 

Data Transfer

If you need to migrate data from your legacy system or finance software, then Snow Technology can easily action this. This is ideal for retailers who will not necessarily have the time or resources to input all the workforce’s personal data in one go.

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