Managed Payroll for Education

Cutting Edge Managed Payroll Software for Education

Focus on your organisation while your payroll functions are fully managed by our bureau team.

Managed payroll solutions used within the education sector can come in many forms but not all packages offer the same versatility and functionality that Snow Technology does. Our managed payroll service will reduce pressure on your administrative teams and bursary officers by managing all your processes. Payroll is at the centre of every educational establishment up and down the country. Publicly funded academy groups and private education will also benefit from our fully managed payroll services.

Benefits of Managed Payroll for Education

Improve Administrative Efficiency

When you use a managed payroll service to pay teaching staff, support workers and administrative teams, the entire process will be handled by our dedicated team. You will need fewer resources to manage monthly or weekly payroll runs. Schools and educational groups can save significant costs each academic year by outsourcing their payroll functions to Snow Technology.

Enjoy Greater Accuracy

Our managed payroll solution improves accuracy of salary payments. Not only will all tax deductions, pensions and student loan payments for example be made correctly but additional payments such as overtime and changing work patterns can be processed for individual staff.

Lower Staffing Costs

Educational establishments can take advantage of the significant reduced costs as administrative teams will be less tied up in payroll. In addition, there will be less requirement for training as we handle all aspects of your monthly or weekly payroll. In short, we will manage all stages of your payroll process.

Benefit from Skilled Professionals 

Our managed payroll bureau team are fully trained certified professionals. You can be safe in the knowledge that your employees are being paid accurately and on time. Payslips and annual pay summaries will be produced for both teaching and support staff automatically so they can always access their records.


Compliance is crucial in payroll. With our managed payroll service, all relevant compliance issues will be taken care of for you. This means ensuring HMRC receive the relevant PAYE and NICs data they need, for example, as well as making sure that data privacy regulations are met in full.

Customisable Report Functions

Various reporting functions are available with our managed bureau service. Given that educational establishments employ many different staff working within a wide variety of roles, being able to adjust reports to gain an understanding of departmental staffing costs, for instance, can be extremely useful. Leaders in the educational sector can benefit greatly from being able to run reports that are tailored to their specific needs.

Managed Access

Who can access employee records and when they are able to do so is very important? By providing customisable access rights, our system allows key employees to set access rights and restrictions whenever they need to. Employee data, including sensitive personal financial information – will only ever be viewable by properly authorised personnel.

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