Payroll for Small Business

Fast. Simple. Secure. Managed payroll solution no matter how small.

Managed Payroll Bureau saves you time and reduces costs running a manual payroll so you can focus on other aspects of your small business.

We have designed our software to make complex payroll processes easy and effortless. With our managed software solution, you can:

  • Manage multiple pay frequencies
  • Carry out job costing for hourly employees
  • Ensure HMRC compliance

  • All while keeping your employees’ data secure.

Pay employees on time, handle multiple deductions, get in-depth reports and access customer support from payroll experts with Quantum payroll for small business.

The Managed Hosted Service we offer saves your IT Department time. Quantum Software analysts and engineers will manage setup, maintenance and any repair of the system. Upgrades, or updates are also carried out by the Quantum team, which means your IT team is free of additional meetings, training, and workload.

How can Quantum Bureau help your business?

Reduce Costs

With Quantum payroll bureau for small business, you don’t need to worry about the extra cost of getting payroll software. We automatically sign you up on our Quantum enterprise solution to save you the extra cost of payroll software. Our software accurately calculates all payments and deductions, sends tax payments and files reports to save you from costly payroll errors and legal penalties.

Improve Accuracy

No matter what business you are running, employees need to be paid accurately and on time. Running payroll manually is time-consuming and with the high risk of making errors, is not very effective. With our small-business payroll software, you can run payroll in-house with just a few clicks and save time spent fixing errors.

Save time

Quantum software allows your employees to upload their data, saving you a ton of management time. Employees can also view their payslips from the self-service portal, saving you the need to send payslips to each employee. For an even more time-saving solution, sign up for our managed payroll solution for small business. Outsourcing to Quantum Bureau will allow you to focus on other aspects of running your small business.

Ensure Compliance

Missed HMRC submissions can lead to costly fines that could hurt your cash flow. For the best payroll software for small business in UK, you need a solution that submits payroll data to HMRC in real-time. Quantum software runs automatically to avoid missed filing and costly legal penalties. You will also receive reports on all HMRC submissions. With automatic updates to all changes in legal requirements, you can rest easy knowing your business will always be compliant.

Simplify your Payroll Process

Make PAYE submissions painless with Quantum’s robust Real-Time Information reporting. Calculate student loans, sick leave, maternity leave, overtime, paid leave, pension contributions and NIC with ease and print them with the built-in payslip printer. Cost hourly employees and set up multiple pay frequencies with a few clicks of a button. Move employees from one pay frequency to another with ease using the best payroll software for small businesses in UK.

Access Certified Payroll Experts

At Snow Technology, all our payroll professionals are CIPD certified so you can rest assured we run your payroll according to industry standards. Quantum bureau helps you navigate the complexities of HMRC compliance, payroll audits, regulatory changes all while keeping your sensitive payroll data secure..

Seamless Migration with Data Security

Our Payroll software comes with an inbuilt migration feature letting you import all your data from other payroll processors. This means that you don’t have to set up your payroll afresh when you shift to Quantum, you can continue where you left off. Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive payroll data is encrypted on our servers.

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