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Outsourcing payroll processing often saves you a full headcount. This resource can help you in sales, customer services, or simply enjoy cost savings.

Many companies are increasingly finding the processing of payroll to be a more complicated function, with ever changing legislation and more emphasis by HMRC put on the employer to capture more taxable items through the payroll system.

Snow Technology offer a payroll Bureau service using our software to facilitate client payroll allowing you to focus on managing and growing your business.

With legislation changes and the demands placed on employers from HMRC, businesses throughout the UK are looking for an outsourced payroll solution. 

Bureau Services

How it Works

  • You send all static information (employee information, contract details etc) and we set up your payroll.
  • You send us your variable information (pay details, static adjustments etc) by email before each pay-run.
  • We validate the payroll and send a report directly to you for approval.
  • Once you approve the payroll, we complete the processing.
  • We dispatch payslips by email, post, or courier.
  • We dispatch the payment and relevant files via email in time to pay employees and HMRC submissions etc.
  • If you wish to pay employees by any other method, we will send you a net pay report.
  • At the End of Year, we issue you with a summary of the HMRC submissions and we can issue the employees with a summary earnings certificate.
  • Our aim for 100% first time accuracy.

Services Provided

  • Computerised Payroll Services.
  • We process all payroll frequencies.
  • Dedicated Bureau Processor for your company.
  • We provide email payslips and can provide access to our employee payslip portal app.
  • We can process the bank file for you, or issue you with Bank Files to upload via your Banking online system or dispatch a hard copy report with the detail.
  • We provide you with all files required by government departments either in hard copy or files that can be uploaded by you to HMRC.
  • Quantum Bureau operates all year-round procedures for starting new Employees, processing Leavers, updating tax details, auto enrolment and Submissions to HMRC.
  • We provide you with reconciled reports after each payroll run.
  • Customer Care and Support for any queries.

Additional Bureau Services

  • HMRC Agent – Quantum Bureau is fully compatible with HMRC electronic filing system.
  • Employee Masterfile Data – Quantum Bureau provides the flexibility for users to import certain external data into the payroll database, such as employee or timesheet batch data.
  • Management of Auto Enrolment – During each pay period, your bureau processor will manage all Auto Enrolment queries.
  • Auto Enrolment & Pension – Quantum Bureau will assess, configure and manage all auto enrolment responsibilities for clients.
  • Pension Integrations – Quantum Bureau can process pensions requirements and export files for importing to all pension providers.
  • Importing Timesheets – Integrations between T&A systems and Quantum are made possible by using our import functionality.
  • Calculation Mode – Run payroll in calculation mode.
  • Reporting – Quantum Bureau have a large number of standard reports available to customers with comprehensive print options.
  • Bespoke Reports – Quantum Bureau also has the option of creating any bespoke or analytical reports if needed, that can report on multiple views in the system.
  • Payslips – The payslip has been designed to ensure that all relevant information is present and is compliant with HMRC requirements.
  • Banking Facility – Quantum Bureau can prepare a file to facilitate the payment transfer for employees on the designated payroll date. Quantum Bureau can issue the bank file for you to upload if preferred. Quantum Bureau can pay the employee directly from the Quantum Bureau Account.
  • Integration with Financial Systems – Quantum can send your payroll journal reports directly to your accounting software to reduce administration and prevent inefficient double entry of information.
  • 3rd Party Links – Quantum Bureau can provide all relevant payroll reports and files that are to be provided for uploading to third parties.
  • Employee Helpdesk – Snow Technology can provide employee helpdesk support where your employees can send or call in any of their payroll queries which will be answered.

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