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Charities and not-for-profit organisations have complex payroll and staffing structures. While some employ a steady number of employees part-time or full-time, others have a record of workers they can call for short periods at random times of the year. That means a small percentage of employees receive a payment every month. Volunteers also receive expense payments without a salary.

Our managed payroll bureau can handle all aspects of payroll for your organisation. We ease the burden on the internal team by keeping up with the complexities of the not-for-profit and charities payroll regulations. We can also help you ensure accuracy and handle taxation issues related to hiring non-UK workers.

Benefits of Managed Payroll

Flexibility and Scalability

The main challenge charities face when processing payroll is varied staffing needs throughout the year. Most rely on temporary workers and a handful of full-time employees. That means wages are paid fortnightly, weekly or monthly, and they scale up or down throughout the year. Using our managed payroll solution gives you a tailored service that scales up or down depending on the staffing levels.

Experienced Industry Professionals

You don’t need to spend money training in-house payroll employees on the changing legislation or new regulations introduced to payroll processing. Our Payroll Bureau is run by experts in handling payroll processes for schools and not-for-profit organisations. You can rely on experienced professionals to handle any issues arising from your payroll functions. You can also ask questions and follow up on the payroll process.


Our Payroll Bureau will ensure your company follows the guidelines of HMRC. Our payroll team stays on top of the statutory deductions and tracks tax exemptions awarded to charities. We also ensure the payroll is processed on time and deductions are remitted to the relevant authorities. This reduces pressure on your in-house staff regarding missed deadlines and non-compliance.

Accurate Payroll Processing 

With our managed solution you are guaranteed accurate payroll records. This minimises employee complaints. Payroll mistakes, especially for charities, can have a demoralising impact on your staff. Your volunteers can be disappointed if they don’t receive accurate expense payments on time. However, our managed payroll services ensure your employees receive accurate payslips, and your volunteers receive their payments on time.

Payment Reporting and Analysis

The Snow Payroll Bureau doesn’t just process payroll, you can generate reports related to salaries. For instance, you can get reports on monthly or yearly payroll expenses. You can also generate deduction schedules and organise records for the statutory deductions and taxes remitted for record-keeping. The reports are useful for analysing the school’s expenses on salaries and making projections based on annual salaries.

Save Time

With our managed payroll service, you don’t need to undertake any payroll functions in your non-profit organisation. That frees up time for your employees to complete other roles and perform more administrative functions. Our experienced payroll team can also complete the payroll work faster.

Payroll Giving Schemes

Some not-for-profit organisations have payroll giving schemes that allows staff to make donations from their salaries to the charity or other non-profit companies. A payroll bureau can help you manage the payroll giving schemes because they attract a tax relief depending on the tax bracket.

Reduce Payroll Processing Costs

It can be costly to get an in-house payroll team since the expenses include salaries and constant training to improve their skills. You don’t have to worry about most payroll-related expenses with our payroll software since your services are handled externally.

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