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About Us

We are Snow and we use technology to help businesses of all sizes to do things faster, reduce costs and increase productivity since 2001.

Snow Technology is a leader in Payroll Solutions in the UK and Ireland. Established in 2001, we provide managed payroll solutions and payroll software developement.

With experience in payroll software development and creating Micropay, Macropay and Quickpay in the 1990s, our founders took their expertise, product and market knowledge to create a new best in breed payroll solution, Quantum Payroll, the engine of our Managed Payroll Solutions. With offices at 167-169 Great Portland Street, 5th Floor, London, W1W 5PF, we cater for all business verticals including hosptality, healthcare, retail, finance, education, manufacturing, third sector and much more.

At Snow Technology, we offer a full Managed Payroll Solution, Quantum Bureau.

We work with all the formidable HCM vendors from recruitment to time and attendance and HR, providing dynamic seamless integration with our product partners and batch updates as appropriate and depending on the customer needs. Our foremost expertise lies in the more sophisticated and complex requirements of the mid-market and enterprise customer space, as the demands for reporting, nominals, integration, and consultancy services increase.

Payroll bureau services are increasingly in demand nowadays due to both shortages in house payroll expertise and cost efficiencies by reducing pressure on companies’ administration by managing all payroll processes. Quantum Bureau managed payroll enables organizations to remain revenue compliant while paying employees accurately and on time, giving peace of mind to business owners. Many organizations’ struggle with the complex processing functions of payroll. With legislation changes and the demands placed on employers from HMRC, more and more businesses throughout the UK are looking for an outsourced payroll solution. 

Outsourcing to Quantum Bureau service is cost effective, compliant with revenue and a more secure way of paying employees. Our Payroll Specialists help maintain accurate payroll processes. Payroll compliance is an important factor for any employer. With Quantum Bureau you can be assured that we manage risk and always stay compliant avoiding penalties.

With Quantum Bureau there is no need for training as we will manage all your payroll functions giving you time to focus on other important aspects of your business. All of Quantum Bureau operatives specialize in payroll processes. They are CIPP certified and have all the essential experience and information needed to work in a payroll environment. Your payroll is always handled by a qualified professional. Why Choose Snow Technology?

Snow provides organisations throughout the UK with sophisticated and intuitive payroll solutions delivered through an easy to use and reliable software. Check out some of Our Clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our customers with intuitive and comprehensive payroll solutions through ease of use and easily accessible management and reporting functionality. We make payroll and management reporting software easily accessible in real time that effect business decisions and profits.

Our customers place a trust in us and this goes to the very heart of the Snow Technology brand. With the customer being our first prioity, we provide an agile and professional approach delivering a robust and reliable payroll solution.

As the developers of the Snow Technology Payroll solution, we are agile enough to respond to customer requirements, keeping our payroll solutions up to date with the latest technology and legislation and to communicate more effectively, listen more attentively and support & deliver more efficiently.

Our Clients

+1500 organisations nationwide


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