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Concentrate on core business activities while allowing Our Bureau take care of your payroll function.

Our Managed Bureau is among the best payroll solutions for businesses across the UK. Businesses who use our managed payroll service can free up their time to deliver more important and strategic tasks, such as financial planning. Our team of certified payroll professionals can deliver a first class payroll service weekly, fortnightly, monthly or within your business’ payroll structure.

Pay employees on time, handle multiple deductions, get in-depth reports and access customer support from payroll experts with Quantum payroll for small business.

How can our managed Bureau help your business?

Managing compliance and risk

Payroll can come with risks to medium-sized and large businesses. Our payroll team helps you remain compliant and will keep risk to a minimum regarding all aspects of payroll obligations and process and Revenue requirements in the UK. Our software is regularly updated with compliance in mind.

Pay your staff flexibly

We offer you adaptability. By using our managed payroll solution, we can process the most complex payroll arrangements. Whether it be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or perhaps another timeframe that staff are paid, it doesn’t matter, our managed payroll service with support all business requirements and outcomes.

Payroll accuracy

By using a tried and tested payroll solution, like the managed bureau from Snow Technology, it becomes easier to avoid errors. All too often, in-house manual systems that rely on timesheets and managers calculating overtime and bonuses correctly can lead to unwanted errors. Overpayments may result in clawbacks that take time and effort to set up. Worse still, employees who think they’ve been paid incorrectly can become frustrated and even leave.

Improve efficiency

In-house payroll processes require two things above all else. These are time and skills, both resources are costly for business and can affect their bottom lines. With an automated payroll function, however, such costs can be borne down on. Snow’s managed payroll bureau offers an approach to payroll for businesses to be able to process large and complex payrolls fast, efficiently and without the requirement for additional resources from payroll clerks, for example.

Zero training requirement

With changing employment laws and the introduction of different directives concerning remuneration, keeping up with all of the latest regulations in payroll takes investment. With Snow Technology managing your company’s payroll, you won’t have to worry because all of these matters as we will managing them. There will be no need to train payroll clerks. This will keep the payroll function of your business running efficiently and with lower onward costs.

Access Certified Payroll Experts

At Snow Technology, all our payroll professionals are CIPD certified so you can rest assured we run your payroll according to industry standards. We will help navigate the complexities of HMRC compliance, payroll audits, regulatory changes all while keeping your sensitive payroll data secure. All medium-sized to large businesses can take confidence in the fact that their employees’ salaries will be managed by skilled payroll professionals every time.

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