Quantum Payroll Features

There are many great features within the Quantum Payroll suite. Highlighted below are some of the features that are relevant to your business needs

All Quantum Products are filled with fantastic features to help your business run smoothly and more efficiently, enabling you to spend more time on the things that really matter in your organisation.


Pay Frequency Ic0n

Pay Frequency

Quantum Payroll enables multiple pay frequencies such as Weekly, Fortnightly, Bi-Monthly, 4 Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annual. Moving an employee from one pay frequency to another can be done with ease within the Quantum Payroll system.

Job Costing/Cost Control

With Quantum, hourly paid employees can be cost within a payroll period to multiple costing areas. All data can be stored, enabling reporting on split costing information at any stage. Employees can be cost over different cost areas within the 2 tier costing function.

Historical Payslips

A detailed payslip history can be accessed through the timesheet for any employee and any period. Having complete payslip history enables reports to be created calculating Cost Reports, Back pay payments, Redundancy Payments or even Bonus payments.

Reports icon


For Quantum Payroll users there are many reports available. Options are readily available for any historical report to be re-issued that is viewed, printed, dispatched via email (PDF) or downloaded to MS Excel.

Payslips/Electronic Payslips

We provide a large range of payslip stationery that is compatible with laser, ink-jet and dot-matrix printers. Pre-sealed security payslips, dual copy payslips and external postage quality payslips are all available ex-stocks.


Access can be restricted to users by supervisors to certain payrolls and functions.Reports and payslips within Quantum Payroll can be password protected and emailed. All databases are encrypted for security.

Timesheets icon


There are 2 types of Timesheets available, Standard and Express. Standard timesheet imports can be made into both formats from Time & Attendance and Clock card systems. An Express timesheet enables cost centre groups or the entire payroll to be viewed in a spreadsheet format.

Revenue icon

Revenue Online Service (ROS)

Quantum Payroll is fully compatible with ROS. Data from payroll runs can be easily submitted. Submissions can also include termination detail for leavers along with PAYE, USC and PRSI detail which is directly sent from Quantum Payroll to Revenue.

Data migration icon

Data Migration

Quantum has an inbuilt migration utility which can import year to date balances along with standard data field content from some standard Irish payroll systems. This allows new clients to commence with a payroll run in Quantum without the need to key in setup details.


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