Managed Payroll For Hospitality

Cutting Edge Managed Payroll Software for the Hospitality Sector.

Managed Payroll Software for the Hospitality Sector.

Running a hotel, catering or restaurant business can be demanding. Many tasks surrounding payroll can be quite repetitive, taking up valuable staff time. Our managed payroll bureau solution simplifies the payroll process for you and saves you the time to spend on other tasks. Instead of struggling with complex payroll processes and constant regulation changes, our bureau for managed payroll services can help. We ensure your business remains compliant with the legislation and pays your employees on time. 

Managed Payroll Features

Flexibile Pay Frequencies

When you oversee your payroll, it can be challenging to process payments multiple times a month. In hospitality, employees require flexible payments. Our managed payroll team here at Snow will make sure that weekly, bi-weekly and monthly salary payments are always fulfilled. 

Data Conversions 

Our managed payroll solution allows data conversion if you run your payroll in other software solutions. The migration utility allows you to migrate and convert your past transactions. You do not have to lose any historical data. Instead, you can consolidate payroll records from other software in one location. 

Payslips On-Demand

Your human resources team need never be asked to reprint a payslip again or deal with enquiries that employees can resolve for themselves thanks to the accessibility of historic payslips. Healthcare staff will be able to log in and view their old payslips whenever they need to.

Time Tracking Data 

Keeping track of employee work hours is difficult, especially if you have multiple shifts. When you integrate time-tracking software with payroll, the employees get accurate pay checks and tips. Our managed payroll solution can work with submitted timesheets.  

Manage Compliance

You don’t have to worry about the latest tax deduction within the hospitality industry or any new compliance requirements. Our experts help you manage compliance, from tax deductions to statutory deductions. Snows managed bureau will assist with tracking part-time and seasonal employee hours to ensure compliance. 


Processing payroll usually involves the generation of multiple reports useful in decision-making. With our managed payroll software, you will have access to your business reports for review. Whether you want to get a detailed report on employee deductions or taxes, you can view them online or print them from the self-service portal.

Data Access

With our managed payroll solution, we can consolidate your employees’ data and store it securely. You can access the information from any computer device with an internet collection. The easy access to information allows employees to update their personal information, which improves efficiency in human resource functions.  


Using the snow managed payroll service helps you improve data security since you can restrict access to company information. Self-service portals are password-protected, and employees can only access personal accounts. The back-ups also assist with data security. 

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